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I break complex personal finance topics into easy-to-consume pieces

A content writer with personal finance expertise -- When a generalist isn’t enough 

You've hired great freelance writers before. They might have been a former journalist or tech startup content marketer. Their writing was spectacular! But! It's not always about the writing. 
 I can write. More importantly, I understand Canadian personal finance and small business. I'm the person whose Goodreads is filled with The Millionaire Next Door, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and Millionaire Teacher
I also spend way too much time on r/PersonalFinanceCanada. Hell, my full-time job is in tax!
Why you should hire a personal finance expert who can write — not a freelance writing generalist
Consider the following:
 • Your resource page provides Canadians with advice on running their small business. Your writer takes up 200 words explaining how an LLC (an American business structure) can benefit their business. 
 • You're in the InsurTech or LegalTech Space. Your writer explains that a policy always compensates its policyholder in a particular situation or that assets in an intestate death definitely go to a person's spouse. (Generally, nothing is certain in insurance or law... it always depends.)
Your company's resource page deserves a personal finance and small business expert who happens to have a BA in Writing Studies, a Juris Doctor, and six years of freelance writing experience (that's me!) — not a freelance writer who Googles "What is a credit score?" while writing your blog.  
I work with companies like Intuit, Borowell, and APOLLO Insurance. I also write for outlets like the Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, and National Post. Check out my portfolio below! 
Ready to work together? Contact me at Ajun.zee@gmail.com.

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